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A great team of people, professionals with years of experience.

Customer Service

We prepare estimates for individual projects based on our customers’ requirements. Together with the customers we determine the details of printing, advise the customers, improve, prepare detailed descriptions of the work for the graphic studio, printing, bindery and logistics. Together we analyse the planned forms and deadlines to give a realistic date for completion but at the same time – complete it as quick as possible.

Constant contact with customers guarantees a rapid response to any changes.
We have a good number of very able female staff:

AL Agnieszka Laskowska – specialist of the impossible projects, is capable of completing the most complex projects on time. Champion at negotiations, both within production and with suppliers.
KR Katarzyna Rutkowska – she works with corporations and big companies. She will help to realise even the craziest ideas of designers.
MiS Milena Swobodzińska - champion at debugging and noticing details. If you miss anything in the project, Milena will surely notice it.
MW1 Maria Wincławska – PR specialist, privately Wojtek’s wife, professionally absorbed in scientific work, but she also has the time to develop a network of contacts and build a good image for the company.




The next stage of our production. All projects are carefully analysed, tested and prepared for publication, where the plate is finally exposed.

As part of maintaining parity, there are 4 men in the team:

PS Przemysław Szatkowski, IT- boss, he is really the spirit watching over the processes in the CTP, apart from that, he is a passionate photographer, which he also uses at work.
DP Dariusz Piórkowski - a man orchestra, maybe not too talkative, but when he does something is of the highest quality.
MS2 Michał Stankiewicz - another man orchestra, the place is full of him, he works most willingly with Agnieszka in the preparation of projects (at first glance) impossible.
DP Piotr Pawelec - the most persistent man who meets a lot of deadlines, and always completes projects despite it being midnight.



The printing house is the heart of our company, which hums with modern technology and above all the people who are present, if necessary, up to 24 h/day. Thanks to it, we meet our deadlines as quickly as possible.

The managers of processes in the printing and bindery:

AW Andrzej Wojciechowski, the head of the production - some suspect that after 20 years in the printing industry Andrzej’s veins are full of liquid ink, not blood. Of course, we can’t be sure about it, however, we can be sure that every technological process he looks over, every part of the machine, which Andrzej checks over, has to be perfect.
DP Dorota Orłowska – our irreplaceable line manager who have to deal with the expectations associated with deadlines, and the performance of machines and people. During the last stage of the control she are able to pick up any traces of non-compliance, so that finally the highest quality prints are delivered.


Wojciech Załęcki – the founder of the printing company and CEO


From the beginning, he knew that well-functioning printing should be based on two pillars: modern machines and a team of people who enjoy their work and each other’s company.

This vision has been realised for over 15 years.

Privately: tourist (with a family) and traveller (with his friends), a bookworm, keen mostly on biographies of kings, dictators and politicians, which fortunately does not translate into the management of people in the company. An active commentator on political and social phenomena on Facebook, but also a reviewer of quality wines, in particular single malt whiskey. His comments tend to be short, especially when the assessment is unambiguous, then something may be noble and charming.

The most important, however, are the positive relationships that Wojtek trying to develop among his employees and customers.